How working less will boost the economy

First published on PeopleFirst. Think about it, if you have more time for shopping, you’ll spend more money. 😉 But seriously, in this instance working less doesn’t mean part-time for less money, but full-time pay for less full-time hours. If we look at the history of working, people in the middle ages for example worked hard, […]

Learning on the spot: how collaboration encourages workflow learning

First published on TrainingZone. Having worked in Learning and Development for the better part of a decade, I had to learn how to deal with one fact over and over again – training is often put at the back end of budget requests because it usually takes a long time to measure the impact it […]

Autonomy, passion and performance at work through learning

First published on People First. “It seems surreal that a lot of people sit at their desks doing nothing productive just so they can show attendance.” I believe we’ve all heard the phrase ‘autonomy, mastery and purpose’ before. It’s supposed to play a big role in our lives, specifically at work. And it does! As capable adults, […]

Talent attraction and retention: what employees want, what they really, really want

First published on HRZone. UK employers are facing a talent shortage, which is making it harder to attract and retain employees. If your employee turnover is concerning, here’s what you need to consider to make positive changes. Think about this: Most of us don’t start a job thinking it or the company we will work […]

Podcast with Northlake PG: Meet Katrin Kircheis

Katrin is taking the plunge into starting her own business and leaving the corporate world.  Learn a little bit about how Katrin has come to this decision and her journey to becoming self-employed. Katrin encourages you to believe in yourself and find a coach that will hold you accountable and help you grow and develop […]

Hybrid Workforces: successfully managing different types of workers

First published by People First, on February 12, 2019 There are a number of questions that may be raised, “How will our full-time staff react to these workers?”, “How can we quickly embed these worker types into our culture?” and, “How do we stay ‘friends’ and keep our options for future working relationships open?” Let’s look […]

4 practical tips to inspire learning in your business

First published by the eLearning Industry, on December 23, 2018 How To Inspire Learning In Your Business Do you want to offer fantastic training opportunities for your employees, to help them grow within your organization? Do people keep telling you about all the awesome new training technologies that will totally transform the way your employees learn, […]

Social and collaborative learning: How to create a culture of learning

First published by People First, on August 13, 2018 Many companies reluctantly spend a lot of money sending employees on training courses that can last for days. During these, employees are unable to complete their daily work, which might distract them, or they are answering emails and miss important information. Often, these formal ways of learning […]