Are you…

Struggling to motivate your team during this current crisis?

Stressed, working long hours running your business or managing your team on your own?

Carrying the responsibility of making all the decisions?

Dreaming of running a more profitable business or team?

Tired of low productivity and disengagement?
Image of a stressed manager and business owner
Image of a desk setup with a monitor showing the Netflix logo

I get that, I have been there.

I started out in corporate jobs and became the manager of a small team, constantly making decisions about the work we did and trying to motivate them. It was stressful!

But things turned around when I found a new way of working, a way that included the team and gave us the opportunity to do our best work.

Imagine this:
It’s 8am on a Tuesday morning, it’s raining and it’s cold outside. 
You just finished your morning coffee and caught up on some reading.
You log into your emails and see that your team has received a 
wonderful testimonial of one of your biggest clients. 
How would you feel?
Proud? Happy? Relaxed? 
Certainly not frustrated or stressed!
You can feel like this all the time!
You can have a business that is profitable and fun to run. 
You can have a productive, responsible workforce. 
Look at some of the top companies to work for in the UK in 2019: 
Topps Tiles
Las Iguanas 
They all have two things in common: 
1. Their workforce is super productive.
2. They are incredibly profitable.
How do they do it?
They have a people policy in place that gets their employees to do their 
best work, so managers and owners can focus on the bigger picture. 
Anyone can do this, as long as they value their people and see them as 
their most important asset. 
So, is this you?

Then start your journey to a more productive and profitable business now!

That’s me:
Workplace Transformer

How did I get here?

The people and businesses I worked with in the past struggled with stress, productivity and profitability.
My mission is to make your team more productive and your business more profitable and less stressful to run.

Image of Katrin Kircheis, Learning and Performance Specialist

Collaborate | Create | Share

How can I help you?

  • Guide you and your people to achieve better performance and growth.
  • Tackle three major problems that over 90% of organisations face: low productivity, skills gaps and the struggle to retain or even recruit the right talent.
  • Save you time, money and stress running your business.

Be the next Workplace Hero

The key to a profitable business is the relationship with your team.

Let’s enable your employees to do their best work, so your business can do the same.

My job is to make sure everyone in your business can fully focus on theirs.

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