Katrin Kircheis
CIPD certified Learning Specialist

Helping your business to achieve better performance and growth by developing your people culture.

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About Me

Katrin Kircheis – People are my business

What do I do and how did I get here?

Most of the companies I worked with in the past struggled to invest into their people.
And I’m not just talking about money, I mean trusting and valuing employees.
My mission is to help businesses trust and value their people. To make employees happy, so they can do their best work yet, grow together and be the best version of themselves – as people and as company.
Because your people are your company.
Let’s make the workplace a better place to live!

My journey began 15 years ago, doing an apprenticeship as Travel Agent, 300 kilometres away from my hometown in Germany. My fellow apprentices and I were sent on tours around the world, as tour guides. I enjoyed teaching the tourists I accompanied. I gained valuable information about the history and culture of the places we went to.

I am not going to lie though – it was a hard work-life balance to maintain. I was never home and often did not have any time off between trips, meaning long, sleepless nights of unpacking, washing my work clothes and repacking.

It did however provide life-changing experiences and I gained a lot of unique knowledge from the outside perspectives I was exposed to. It also woke the trainer in me and after visiting and staying in a few more places, I settled in London.

Now, I pass on this benefit of an outside perspective and provide collaborative, blended learning and self-management programmes that engage all levels of staff. Thanks to my travel experiences, I am particularly successful working with a variety of cultures, backgrounds, knowledge and skill levels.

For over 8 years, I have been:

Guiding people to achieve better performance and growth by creating culture habits and strategies that stick.

Helping companies to tackle two major problems that over 90% of organisations face – skills gaps and the struggle to retain or even recruit the right talent.

With the methods I employ, we will give your people an opportunity to develop needed skills in-house, saving you time, money and pain on constant re-recruitment.

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We are designed to be active and engaged, to learn and grow.

Enable your employees to be the best they can be, so your business can do the same.

My job is to make sure everyone in your business can fully focus on theirs.

Your journey

A day in your shoes

Do you trust your employees?

Do you, like 91% of organisations, struggle to find or keep the right talent?

Do you have a skills gap?

Are you unsure about the return on investment and value of your employee development because it is difficult to see tangible results?

Then check out the infographic below to see…

Infographic - why my culture of learning will help your business grow.
According to the learning experts at Towards Maturity, organisations that use blended learning methods like 70-20-10 and social learning are:
300% more likely to improve staff motivation and engagement.
400% more likely to respond to change faster.
500% more likely to attract the right talent.
Talent is your most important asset: it sets you apart from the competition. 
Protect it, especially in this digital age of constant change. Your talent will support it.
In 2018, 91% of organisations struggled to find talent with the right skills and spent £6.3 billion trying to patch up the holes in their workforce skills gap.
In high-performing organisations, 79% of L&D departments draw on expertise in their organisation to support learning.
70% of employers said work performance increased thanks to coaching, a part of social learning. 
97% of organisations that have improved performance over the last 5 years use a blended range of learning methods.
Together, we create your key to a sustainable future:
A learning and performance culture that develops the right skills inhouse to increase productivity.
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