Graph of the forgetting curve

Business case: Why should we promote ongoing learning?

Have you heard of the Forgetting Curve? About half of what we learn gets lost after just one day!
It is known that we retain about 10 percent of the information we see, a third of what we see and hear, and 90 percent of what we see, hear, and do.

For most of us, being asked to log in to the company’s Learning Management System and complete a ton of e-Learning courses or sitting through hours of live training is distracting and tiring.

We are social by nature and learn best through social interaction and by keeping control over when and how we learn. Adult learners need to know what’s in it for them, whether that is development or simply saving them time doing a task.

When people see what is in it for them, they will feel the benefit and be happier to contribute to your company’s goals. Save money and time by not relying on just formal workshops or e-Learning. Provide learning experiences that are part of your employees’ jobs, contributing to their well-being. In work and adult learning, autonomy and control over the when and how result in better performance and higher satisfaction.

Help your employees gain and retain the knowledge and skills they need to make your business successful.

Giving your employees space to collaborate provides them with a unique experience that helps them to evolve and become better professionals, which in turn helps your company grow and become better at what you are doing.

Save time for your employees and money for your company. Get stuck into the core tasks of your business, with a learning and company culture that works alongside your mission and vision!

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